Transpersonal Psychology

From transpersonal psychology, we are concerned with helping the consultant to achieve their greatest personal deployment, for this, we orient ourselves on their search for a Transcendent Meaning in relation to reality and their own life, recognizing that we exist impregnated in a fabric of relationships reciprocally conditioned with each other and with the natural environment.

Transpersonal practice presents a different way of conceiving oneself and others, from a more sensitive and close approach, capable of appreciating the resources that an individual can count on to express their uniqueness and recognizing that they are the bearer of a wealth of tools to support that fundamental expression.

Transpersonal literally means "beyond the personal" or beyond the ego, affirming the possibility of wholeness and self-transcendence.

Therapy Session


• Promotes the development of competencies to take responsibility for himself, as well as for the relationships he sustains and for his life experiences.
• It allows us to connect with our own essential identity.
• From transpersonal psychology, adversity is recognized as an opportunity for change and personal development.
• It favors the integration of the physical, emotional, mental aspects, and the transcendence of being; displacing the ego's own personal interests towards higher values.

Image by Inga Gezalian

"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.."

Carl Jung