Eduardo Cuevas

Director de Dharma Institute

Psicología Transpersonal - Coaching Ontológico 
- Intervenciones Corporales

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Psicología Transpersonal - Coaching Ontológico - Intervenciones Corporales

Indelser Consultores FICOP #3601

¿Qué quiero hacer?, ¿Dónde lo quiero hacer? y ¿Con quién lo quiero hacer?

Our facilities have been conceived, since its genesis, as a welcoming space that invites peace and the deepest and most intimate connection with the inner Being that inhabits everyone who visits us, this makes Dharma an attractive place and suitable for the professional accompaniment of those who require it.

We have comfortable and spacious spaces for private care, which have comfortable chairs, sofas, and massage tables, as well as a spectacular decoration that makes staying in them a pleasant delight to our inner being.